Pierceland Supply Project
Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited (MIPL(C)L) is a federally regulated and wholly owned subsidiary of SaskEnergy Incorporated, a Saskatchewan Crown Corporation. MIP(C)L is proposing to build an approximately 30-kilometre natural gas line from the Nova Gas Transmission Limited (Nova) meter station east of Cherry Grove, AB to the TransGas Limited (TransGas) meter station east of Beacon Hill, SK. Additionally, a new compressor station is proposed to be constructed near the westend of this gas line, within Saskatchewan.
Project Overview
Project Maps
Project Application to CER
Pierceland Supply Project – Commitments Tracking Table


Application Completion Notification
English – Legislated Time Limit and Decision on Process Letter
French – Délai prescript par la loi et décision quant au processu


English – CER Process Schedule
French – Calendrier relatif au processus de la Régie


English – Map of Project Area
French – Carte de la zone de projet


MIPL Indigenous Completion Letter
MIPL Stakeholder Completion Letter

CER Project Approval
Order XG-017-2020
Letter Decision – July 22, 2020

Stakeholder Notifications for the Pierceland Supply Project
A Proposed Pipeline or Power Line Project: What You Need to Know
Project Overview Map
Application Letter
Notice of Filing Letter
Stakeholder Letter

Supplemental Filing Letter
Supplemental Filing Letter #2
Supplemental Filing Letter #3
Supplemental Filing Letter #4
Reply to Comments of Interested Parties
Updated Project Route Map
Brochure – Information for Proposed Power Pipeline and Power Line Project
Section 322 Notice Example
Engagement Policy for MIPL Projects
CER Brochures and Review Process Information
Pierceland Application Part 5- Engagement Process

Shaunavon Interconnect Project
Many Islands Pipe Lines (Canada) Limited is proposing to construct a natural gas line in southwest Saskatchewan. The purpose of the project is to connect MIPL(C)L’s existing gas line to the Foothills Pipeline Ltd. System (TC Energy) in the area to increase natural gas supply to the province.
MIPL(C)L intends to make an application to the Canada Energy Regulator (CER) for approval for the proposed facilities.
The Section 214 Application Filing for the Shaunavon Interconnect Project can be viewed at:

Please see below for information about the Shaunavon Interconnect Project:
Shaunavon Interconnect Fact Sheet
Shaunavon Interconnect Map
Shaunavon Interconnect Information Package
Shaunavon Interconnect Project Notification